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Goff Ministries has been preaching the Gospel of Jesus for over 53 years now. We have started missionary ministries and projects in over 25 countries around the world. Now the Lord has lead us to start a missionary outreach right here in the US. In 2006 we started The Good News Camp. Here are some answers to the most commonly ask question about The Good News Camp.

* What is The Good News Camp?

* The Good News Camp is a Discipleship and Training Center. Our primary focus is on spiritual foundation building, or rebuilding.  We use the foundational truths from the clear teachings of the Word of God to accomplish this. Our purpose is to teach and train those who desire to understand truth and desire a sincere walk with the Lord and are ready to learn what it truly means to follow Jesus Christ. 

* Who can attend the program?

* Anyone with a spirit of humbleness that is willing to abandon what they think they know, empty themselves of false cultural ideas, theologies and doctrines, and is willing learn truth from the clear teachings of God's Word.  You cannot teach a person who thinks they already know, no more then you can add water to cup that is already full. 

* How long is each program?

* There is no designated time to stay at the camp.  The director decides how long each person stays.

* What are living conditions like at the camp?

* In a word, "Rustic". The idea behind the Good News Camp, is a "Back to Basics" program. Life at the camp is very simple and primitive. This type of lifestyle provides an environment where a person can devote their self completely to developing their relationship with God, free from the distractions of the outside world.

* What does a person learn at the camp?

* In a nutshell, a person will learn the meaning of life. They will learn the answer to the three fundamental questions of life, "Who is God?", Why did He create me?' and "How does He want me to live the life He gave me?".  You will learn the Truth from the clear teaching of the Word of God. 

* What is the camps doctrinal background?

* We do not have a doctrinal background. We teach only the foundational principles of the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus. We are completely inter-denominational and are supported by members and churches from just about every Gospel based denomination in the US.

* How does a person attend a program?

* A person must call or text  to this number and talk to the director. 806-787-1023

* How much does is cost to attend the camp?

* There is no fees involved to attend the camp.

* How is the camp supported if the camp does not charge anything for it's services?

* The camp is supported exclusively through free will donations.

* How can I donate to support the camp?

*  You can support the camp by going to our DONATIONS page and using one of the methods listed there.



Meet The Director

Since The Good News Camp started we have seen many people come to Christ and get freed from many types of addictions. Below are some pictures and videos from the camp.

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