Larry Goff,

Converted from atheism, called to be an Apostle (missionary), by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, began fulfilling his calling in 1963. He has established works in 14 countries over the past 38 years, along with his wife, Betty, and their four children. He and his family have served the Lord, by faith, in some of the most remote jungles of Central and South America with primitive Indian tribes. Because of his vast experience for so many years, he has received an abundance of revelation from the Lord, by the Holy Spirit. Because of this he is able to minister very effectively to the individual members in the Body of Christ, teaching them how to fulfill their own office in the Body Of Christ. At present he is still in the full-time ministry and along with evangelizing in the U.S., he also goes back to every
country he has established works in to continue his ministry in those places.