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Thank you for your interest in Goff Ministries. 

Goff Ministries was started in 1964 by Larry Goff.  Larry was an atheist prior to his acceptance of Jesus Christ as his Savior in 1963, through a dramatic life changing experience.  Immediately after coming  to Jesus, Larry began winning other people to Christ with his testimony alone.  Having never read the bible or been in a church, Larry won over 30 people to Christ in a 3 month period with just his testimony.   Larry began having dreams of a strangely dressed man sleeping under a tree with a large hat pulled down over his eyes.  Having been born and raised in Michigan, Larry did not recognize the man's dress until he saw a very similar picture in a magazine, it was a Mexican dressed in a poncho with a sombrero pulled down low.  Larry knew that the Lord was calling him to Mexico.  Larry was rejected by his atheist family because of his conversion to Christianity, and he did not have any Christian brothers or sisters to ask for support,  but he knew that God had called him to be a missionary and that was enough. So, one years after his conversion to Christ, Larry, his wife Betty and their two babies, Valerie (4yrs) and Victor (1 1/2yrs) set off for Mexico by faith.  And so began Goff Ministries over 41 years ago.

Since that day 41 years ago, Larry and his family have traveled to 16 different countries preaching the Gospel of Jesus.   As it was in the beginning, Goff Ministries has remained independent all these years.  We are supported strictly by free will offerings from individuals that have come to know our ministry throughout the years.

The main mission of Goff Ministries is to spread the gospel of Jesus to the most remote areas left in the world.  Goff Ministries is also engaged in providing the physical needs of the people to whom we are trying to reach with the gospel.  Physical needs such as food, clothes, medical attention, etc. 

100% of the funds donated to Goff Ministries goes directly to the support of the our missionary families and their work.  Our missionary families do not receive any salary, but depend entirely upon the free will donations donated through Goff Ministries for the support of their families and their mission's.     

If you have any further questions about Goff Ministries, please email us at this address:  vaughn@goffministries.org  

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