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 "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come  ".     Matthew 24:14 

For the past 42 years Goff Ministries has been about taking the gospel of Jesus to the most remote regions left in the world.  This is still our mission and we currently have two active full time missions in different regions of the world.

Mission to the Artic

(Northwest Territories of Canada)

Mission to the Amazon

(In the jungles of North Central Brazil)

This mission's focus is to spread the Gospel to the remotest parts of the Northwest Territories of Canada.  Even though this region has access to all of today's modern technology, the Gospel of Jesus has yet to penetrate this area in a substantial way.  Drug and alcohol abuse is rampant and child abuse, molestation and incest effects the majority of all children.  It seems as though the physical darkness of the long artic winters, when the sun does not shine for 6 months, is a representation of the utter spiritual darkness that has kept the native people of this region in spiritual slavery for too long.

It is time to shed the light of the Gospel in this part of the World.  

The Amazon Mission, is a multi level mission.  It's primary goal is to reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus, with a special focus on those that have never had a chance to hear it before.  There are at least 50 un-contacted stone age Amazon tribes that have yet to hear the gospel in any form.   While reaching these tribes with the Gospel is our main focus, we also cannot neglect the spiritual and physical needs of the suffering people around us, such as the Waiwai Indians and pioneering Brazilians.

We are actively involved in preaching and bible teaching with these people around us.  Through the use of bible films in our teaching we are overcoming the illiteracy and language barriers that can hinder new converts from growing in Christ.

We are also providing for their physical needs by offering basic medical services, hygiene and nutritional education, and introducing new and more nutritious crop varieties. We have a fully functional free school offering grades 1 through 4.  We are praying that the funds will be available to expand our education program to include adult education and a free health center. 

The missions above are just our two full time foreign missions.  We are also engaged in other areas as well, such as Mexico and Belize.   If you would like to know how you can help us in our efforts please contact us.  You can send us an email at: vaughn@goffministries.org,  or you can call us at: 806-765-0335




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