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     Goff Ministries is dedicated to getting the Gospel of Jesus to the world, through evangelism and discipleship ministry, but we cannot do it alone.  Just as our own hands need arms and a body to help them reach out, so we also need the arms and the body of Christ to help us so we can reach out with the life changing message of the Gospel of Jesus.  

     Please join with us and be a part of this ministry.  You will become a partaker in everything we accomplish for Jesus and an equal shareholder in the eternal treasures the we are storing up in Heaven!

    You can support this ministry in a variety of ways.  Prayer is always our primary need.  We also need financial support to be able to continue our work.

You can send a financial donation in two ways, mail us a check or make an online donation.

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Goff Ministries, Inc  

P.O. Box 787

Eastland, TX 76448                  








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