Pictures of The Good News Camp



Our Main Building    
This is our main building.  It is 40 feet long and 20 feet wide.   It is a simple building but it does the job.  This is where it all happens.  This the kitchen, dinning room, bibles study center and bathroom.
    Our Camp Fire
There is just something special about sitting around a campfire singing songs and learning about God and all His wonders.  We have camp fires as often as the weather permits and they are a special time for camp attendees.

Our Guest Houses    

Guest at The Good News Camp stay in 8 foot by 10 foot Cabin.  These comfy cabins are a perfect place for people to feel at home while they build their personal relationship with God.
    The Storm Cellar
This is our storm cellar.  We have some violent storms at the camp and we have had one close call with a tornado.  Thanks to a generous donation we were able to build this large storm cellar.
Our Sunsets   Our Sunrises
The sunsets  and sunrises at the Good News Camp are just gorgeous.  Romans 1: 20 say that power of God can be clearly seen through His creation.  This scripture comes to life when you see the beautiful crimson sunsets and golden sunrises out at the camp.
    The Pond
Although this is a small stock tank, it makes a great fishing pond.  We currently have it stocked with catfish and sunfish of several varieties.  It is a quite place where guest come and think or read their bible.
The Chicken Coop    
This is our chicken flock.  The provide fresh free range eggs for the camp and a lot of entertainment for guest.  Our roosters make sure that we know when the sun is coming up. 
    Our First Garden
There is nothing like fresh vegetables.  Some of the camps food needs are provided for through gardening and this also provides activities for guest that are interested in this type of work.





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